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General Terms and Conditions of Myly Massage Salon
Massage studio Myly, ID: 08468001, place of business U Mlýnského
Kanálu 696/2, 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín
The terms and conditions apply to all services offered by the massage studio

  1. Basic provisions
    1.1 These General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal
    contractual relations between the provider of services in the salon
    Myly Massage Studio and purchasers of the services provided.
    The service provider is indicated at the head of these general terms and conditions.
    terms and conditions and further in these general
    terms and conditions referred to as “salon”.
    1.2 The Provider provides body care services in the Salon at
    on the basis of a valid trade licence and other documents
    certifying professional competence for the performed
    1.3. By purchasing a gift voucher or ordering
    a specific date in person, by phone, by email, through
    booking system or SMS, the buyer gives his/her consent to
    these general terms and conditions of the salon.
    If the customer does not agree to these terms and conditions, he/she has the option to
    not to use the services of the salon.
    1.4 The salon may accept the general terms and conditions
    change or amend the General Terms and Conditions. This provision is without prejudice to the rights of
    and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version
    general terms and conditions.
  2. Communication prior to the conclusion of the service contract
    2.1 The contractual relationship between the salon and the customer is subject to
    2.2. The customer agrees to the use of means of communication
    distance communication when concluding a contract. The salon shall use the following means of communication
    with the customer by means of a public communication service at prices which
    are not higher than normal call rates. Costs
    incurred by the customer in using the means of communication at
    distance communication in connection with the conclusion of the contract (costs of
    Internet connection, costs of telephone calls) shall be borne by the customer
    the customer himself.
    2.3 The contract binds the parties until all
    of mutual rights and obligations, unless an option is agreed
    withdrawal from the contract.
    2.4 Withdrawal from the contract is possible in the cases agreed
    in Article 9 of the General Terms and Conditions, regulating
    the right of withdrawal, the amount of the withdrawal fee, the conditions,
    time limit and procedures for exercising this right, the form for
    withdrawal from the contract is attached as Annex 1 to the General Terms and Conditions
    terms and conditions.
    2.5 For the resolution of a dispute between the salon and the customer, the following shall apply
    the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act for the resolution of
    consumer dispute. Only the customer may submit a proposal, and
    within a period of one year from the date of contacting the salon for
    to resolve the dispute and his complaint has not been resolved by the salon.
    The salon is obliged to comment on the proposal within 15 days. Essentials
    the Consumer Protection Act shall regulate the particulars of the application. The costs of
    out-of-court proceedings shall be borne by each party.
    2.6 The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is the supervisory authority over
    compliance with the obligations laid down in the Act on the Protection of
    Consumer Protection Act pursuant to Section 23(16) of the Consumer Protection Act.
    Current information on out-of-court dispute resolution between
    customer and salon is available at The procedure is
    commenced on the date on which the authorised body receives a proposal pursuant to §20n
    of the Consumer Protection Act.2.7 Further information for consumers, including information on
    cross-border consumer disputes are available at
    at, consumer protection section.
  3. Service orders
    The date of the visit must be agreed and booked in advance
    in person, by phone, by SMS or by email. The agreed date is
    shall be considered as the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services. This
    contract is concluded in Czech or English.
    3.2 Re-ordering
    If you are unable to attend a procedure on the agreed date
    please inform me in advance by phone or SMS,
    by e-mail or FB message at least 24 hours before the procedure.
    24 hours before the start of the procedure.
    3.3. Early arrival
    The waiting area in my salon is designated for waiting. Please
    You are kindly requested to be considerate if the treatment is taking place in the adjacent room,
    so that we are not disturbed during the treatment.
    3.4 Late arrival
    If a customer arrives after the agreed time, the service will be
    the service will be shortened so that it will end at the original
    the originally scheduled time. Please note that for some
    services of shorter duration (45 minutes or less) the above
    the above cannot be applied and if you arrive with more than
    15 minutes late, the service may no longer take place.

3.5 Absence of the customer
Given the nature of the services provided, the relevant
provider shall be entitled in the event of an unexcused absence
require payment of a fee of 50% of the price of the agreed service for which the customer was
the customer has been booked for and has failed to attend.
If the customer repeatedly fails to attend the service ordered
without apology, I reserve the right to exclude such customer from
the customer’s database and not to make any further appointments.
If a customer has a gift certificate for a specific service and
fails to attend without apology, the gift voucher is for that date
the gift certificate is deemed to have been used. If the gift voucher is issued for
a nominal amount, the amount is the value of the service ordered
is deducted from the value of the certificate on that date.
3.6 Refusal of service
Service may be refused in the following cases:
(a) the customer presents for a procedure with obvious symptoms
infectious diseases (cold, cold sore, rash,
fungal disease, lice…)
b) the customer arrives for the treatment in a drunken state, or
under the influence of addictive substances
(c) the customer attends the treatment with health problems
of a medical nature
(d) the customer attends the treatment in an unsuitable state
hygienic condition
(e) the customer, during the booking of the appointment or during
(e) during the procedure, expresses himself/herself in an undignified manner, makes noise,
insults the service provider, or harasses the service provider with his/her speech
behaviour to other customers of the salon
f) the customer has a history of allergic reactions
related to the use of materials used in the provision of
the selected service (e.g. allergies). The customer is
shall bring this fact to the attention of the service provider
notify the service provider well in advance (when ordering the service); and
this fact does not give rise to a right to claim for the service already provided
3.7 Early termination of the service
The service may be prematurely terminated if:
(a) during the service the customer develops obvious symptoms
infectious diseases, or b) during the service the customer develops obvious symptoms of
of intoxication or substance abuse, or
(c) during the service, the customer develops obvious symptoms of
health problems, or
(d) during the service, the customer is repeatedly challenged
behave in an unbecoming manner
(e) the customer develops allergies during the service
reaction to the materials used.

  1. User account
    4.1 On the basis of the customer’s reservation made via sms,
    or email, the customer can order services (hereinafter referred to as
    “user account”).
    4.2 When making a reservation and ordering services, the customer is obliged to
    provide all the information correctly and truthfully. The information provided
    by the Customer in the email or text message and when booking the appointment are
    by the salon are considered correct. Correctness of the data shall be considered by the salon
    is not verified by the salon.
    4.3 Access to the salon’s email account is secured
    with a username and password. The customer is obliged to
    maintain confidentiality regarding personal information
    provided in mail communications and acknowledges that
    the salon shall not be liable for any breach of this obligation
    by the customer.
  2. Personal belongings and valuables
    The customer is obliged to take his/her personal belongings with him/her to the room,
    where the service is rendered, for any loss of belongings
    of the customer before, during and after the procedure and for items left behind
    in the reception area, our salon is not liable.6. Price lists
    They are available for viewing in the studio and on the salon’s website.
    The prices are valid for basic operating hours on working days from
    Monday to Sunday.
  3. Gift voucher
    7.1 Use of the gift voucher
    A gift voucher with a specified nominal value can be
    the exact type and extent can be agreed when arranging the date
    The use of a gift voucher for a specific service is
    can only be used for the service specified on the voucher without the possibility of
    exchange for another.
    Payment by gift voucher must be declared in advance at the time of
    when ordering the service.
    7.2 Value of the gift voucher
    Gift vouchers are issued with either a nominal
    value or for a specific type of treatment. Unused
    value of the gift voucher or the voucher itself cannot be exchanged
    back for cash.
    7.3 Validity of the gift voucher
    A gift voucher is valid if it has not been exhausted.
    its value has not been exhausted or its expiry date has not passed. Certificate
    can also be used for partial payment with a cash top-up.
    Ordering the service must be made at least 14 days before
    the expiry date of the gift voucher.8.
    In the event of a complaint about the services provided, the customer must
    provide immediate and credible proof that the item
    the complaint is related to a specific fault of the provider
    service. The complaint shall be submitted in writing to the address of the salon.
    Withdrawal from the contract

8.1 The Customer shall have the right before commencing the provision of the subject matter
of the contract, unless it is a case specified in
8.4 or any other case in which withdrawal is not possible, and has
the right to a refund of the price paid for the subject matter of the contract without
the payment of a cancellation fee, provided that the effects of delivery occur in
at least fourteen (14) days before the agreed date
The effects of withdrawal shall take effect at the time of
delivery of the cancellation to the salon, at the address of the premises
of the salon or to the salon’s e-mail address. In the case of
doubt as to the time of delivery, such
fact by the customer.
9.2 In the event of withdrawal from the contract by the customer according to
9.1, the contract shall be cancelled from the beginning. The salon shall refund the customer
the price paid no later than 10 (ten) days after the effects of
the withdrawal from the contract.
withdraw from the contract within a period of less than fourteen (14) days
however, no later than three (3) days before the date on which the
the date of service, upon payment of the agreed termination fee.
Article 9.1 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the effects of withdrawal.
9.4 In the event that the customer withdraws from the contract pursuant to Art. 9.3.
the salon will refund the customer the amount of 70% (in words: seventy
percent) of the price paid by the customer within ten (10)
10 days after the effects of the withdrawal from the contract. From the price, the salon shall
shall be entitled to retain an amount equal to 30% of the price paid as
9.5. In cases other than those described in Articles 9.1 to 9.4 or
elsewhere in these general terms and conditions, the
withdraw from the contract.

  1. Validity and effectiveness
    These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force and
    effect on 1.7.202
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